About Us
RM Global Pty Ltd is a strategic services company, experienced in building brands and developing supportive distribution channels.

Our Mission is to build brand awareness and maximise business opportunities through effective partnerships and the development and nurturing of industry relationships. Central to this core strategy is the ability to consistently build and maintain customer relationships, and thus nurture a strong and long-term association between the supplier and buyer. We provide cost effective, economic, efficient and timely sales and marketing solutions to offshore companies and address the strategic need for a respected representative presence within the broader marketplace.RM Global Pty Ltd employs a specialised team of high profile dedicated professionals with more than 80 years combined experience across the industry. The team has a wide range of experience including senior management, marketing, advertising, sales, public relations, business development, procurement, operations, strategy and other industry specific skills. These extensive range of skills enable the development of successful marketing, advertising, corporate Request for Proposals (RFP’s) and conference/event arrangements for both business and leisure market travellers. The constant success of this team to continuously win major bids in the travel arena is testimony to the outstanding calibre of people selected to represent RM Global Pty Ltd for major tenders.